Wednesday, June 29, 2011

July 12th: 7-10 pm Sock Puppet Monkey

Hi everyone, come out July 12th from 7-10 pm to talk about the changes being used in the marketplace with the new Google Panda SEO and make sock monkeys. If you're not familar with the new changes in SEO with Google Panda, please read this article:

A lot of etsy sellers are being hit hard as etsy encourages members to put up multiple listings for different colors or volumes. Also, many people specialize in a couple of different designs. You normally need 150-200 items in your shop to have enough weight to be effective. This is effectively causing many members on etsy to take a hit if they have similar listings or they are in a popular category with many similar listings.

There are some other minor changes to talk about. We will also discuss what to do if you have an online shop and how to create unique content for the search engine bots. :-) Have a great day.

See ya July 12th from 7-10 pm at:
Techshop RDU
5905 Triangle Drive
Raleigh, NC 27617

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